German sisters and artists Norma and Corinna invite you to visit their beautiful and very private Guest House, located in the most exclusive part of French St. Martin.

  • Norma , your Host
  • Corinna Corinna , your Teacher

Stay in one of the 3 guest rooms facing a pool inside a tropical garden.

Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen and bar and 2 salons .

Pursue your artistic skills in a working Studio next to the guest-house.

Your instructor

Your instructor Corinna Trimborn is an experience artist and teacher.
She studied fashion design, visual communications, drawing and painting in Hamburg, Germany.
She started her own contemporary art association, LUPA, whose members performed throughout Europe.
She has also worked extensively in the German film industry as a costume and set designer.
Corinna co-founded NOCOart with her sister Norma in 2003.
She has taught students of all ages and abilities for the past 4 years.
With her inspiring enthusiasm, and lively sense of humour, Corinna will help you getting the most from your luxurious painting vacation.
You shall return home equipped with new skills and brimming with inspiration.

Painting with Corinna

We look at your work and discuss what your needs and goals are.
We discuss what projects we will develop during your stay.
We make sure that your time is well spent in a creative and productive, jet relaxed atmosphere.
Please inquire for group discounts, when you are 3 to 6 people.
For painters not staying on the property or for Instruction only.

Choice of accommodation is yours !

For those who prefer to stay at a near-by hotel or resort, can join at a daily rate of $80 person for morning classes.

For teachers who want to bring their students :

Any art teacher who wishes to bring 3-5 students and spend a week painting and teaching in our studio and guesthouse can call us for a special discount package.

Your host

Your host Norma Trimborn is an experienced yet self taught international artist.
She is of German origin and before moving to St. Martin in 2001, she lived and worked in culturally diverse places such as China and New York, NY.
In 1999 she had her first group exhibitions in NYC, including SoHyun Gallery ,with at Montserrat and Angora Gallery.
When she moved to St. Martin, she started to focus on her paintings exclusively. She built a beautiful and spacious art studio on her 2 acre property.
In 2003 her sister Corinna joined the art studio in St. Martin and they founded their NOCOart Studio, a venue to work, exhibit and teach art.
They have also shown in many solo and group shows in St. Martin/Sint Maarten and other Caribbean islands.

nocoart villa

2 Sisters, 3 dogs and 2 cats...

We have 2 cats and 3 dogs; all are very friendly and won't trouble our guests.
When you rent the villa, there will be no other guests and you have full use of the pool, the recreational area and the garden.
The two sisters both live on the property and our art studio is located in the garden.
You will share the kitchen with one of the sisters.

nocoart villa